Item Weight Saving Supplier Comments
Remove passenger footrest 0.55
Remove rear mid spoiler+foglight+reversing light+brackets 5.60
Remove resonator valve                                                                    0.70
Remove rear windscreen assembly                                                       0.37
Remove fuel charcoal cannister with breather plumbing                        0.70
Remove inner air filter and clip                                                            0.33
Remove mid spoiler pedestrian hoops 0.15
Add oil cooler oil cooler +3kg+1.5kg extra oil                                           -4.50 Lotus essential for track use
Add catch tank and breatherhose -1.30 Lotus part of 190 upgrade
Carbon fibre boost tube                                                                    0.50 Reverie replaces engine compartment lid
Race battery  2.7 vs 11.35                                                                                   8.65 Lotus
Carbon fibre mudguards                                                                    5.00 Lotus
Aluminium air box back plate    (standard 340r item is steel)                0.50 Lotus
Alloy fuel tank (weight saving of fuel capacity reduced by 2 gallon)    9.00
Alloy Fuel Tank (weight saving of tank itself)                                    6.55 Lotus
Carbon fibre track seats (2kg vs 8.5 kg) x2 13.00 Lotus
Carbon fibre steering wheel  1.7kg vs 0.7kg 1.00 Reverie
Custom built lightweight rollover bar (11kg vs 22kg) 11.00 Rollcentre custom built
Miniature Titanium silencer (2.2 vs 16) 13.80 Blueflame custom built
Carbon Fibre Race Airbox 0.50 Lotus
Lightweight alternator (3.35 kg vs 5.9kg) 2.55 QED complete kit inc pulley & belt
Carbon lightweight wing supports (550vs2kg x 2) 2.90 Reverie
Elise tray vs 340r  tray 1.65 vs 2.22 0.57 Lotus
Bells & rotors (4.95 vs 5.5) x 4 2.20 Eliseparts
Total weight saving 80.32