Hockenheim 340R Gathering-  May  2001

words by Peter Crook

Pictures and information on this day kindly provided by Peter Wehrmann.

Hockenheim F1 circuit
Saturday, 26 May 2001

Alfa Romeo Garage, Berne

Number of cars attending:
7 340R's (Swiss owners)
2 Exiges
2 Elises
lots of other expensive and inexpensive machinery (about 120 cars in total)

Beautiful sunny weather (what a combination!)

The 340R contingent line them up for a photo call prior to action



Not a very common sight !



Looks like the 340R's were first to the front of the queue



The boy's stick their numbers on prior to going out on track



340R owner Andy gets wet on the skidpan..



Donald Wiesmann has a go too.



Three of the best cars Lotus ever produced ?

(340R - Exige - Elise)



Anyone else with interesting 340R pictures out there ? 

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