Lotus Cars announce Ultra Close Ratio Gear Conversion Kit for 340R

Track Optimised Gear Ratios

Editors Note :

The 340R comes as standard with the 'close ratio' gearbox originally used on the Elise 111S and other variants.

Whilst this gearbox offers superior characteristics to the standard Elise gearbox, 340R owners using their cars for track use find that 5th gear is redundant on most tracks (the car's maximum speed being achieved in  4th gear)

Previously Lotus had offered a "Straight Cut" Competition Gear Ratio Kit A340F6000S (as fitted to the 340R owned by Harry Metcalf of EVO magazine). Whilst this gearbox did offer devastating acceleration, the general consensus of opinion was that the high mechanical noise levels created by the straight cut teeth,  discouraged many owners from fitting this gearbox.

In order to address the noise problems Lotus have developed the LOTAC05255  Ultra Close Ratio Gear Conversion Kit. This is a "Helical Cut" version of the Competition gear Ratios, which offers mechanical noise levels similar to the standard gearbox and an easier shift.

Obviously these ratios are a bit low for relaxed motorway cruising but on the track they offer an even more aggressive response than the standard car as they wring the maximum out of the cars power band. 

For that final touch Lotus are also offering a short throw sports shifter, which can be fitted at the same time as the gearbox at minimum cost.

Official details released by Lotus Cars are reproduced below :


Ultra Close Ratio Gear Conversion kit.   LOTAC05255

 The Ultra close ratio gearbox conversion allows the full use of the maximum power and torque available from the VHPD engine.

Ratios selected are similar to the Lotus Motor sport cars.

Although the vehicles’ performance is improved on the road, Lotus would not recommend these gears for general road use as the associated high engine noise may cause discomfort. They are intended for fun driving/amateur track days (Use for race or competition, timed laps or runs will void warranty).

The real benefit is achieved on track use where performance improvement can be fully realised.

 Price for the gear set (includes all you need to convert the close ratio box to ultra close gearing) £1,619.50 (£1,902.91 inc VAT).

Estimated 8 hours fitment time.


Ultra close            
Gear ratio tyre RR rpm diff  Kph Mph
1st 3 1.93 7800 3.92 76.80612 47.6966
2nd 1.937 1.93 7800 3.92 118.9563 73.87187
3rd 1.556 1.93 7800 3.92 148.0838 91.96003
4th 1.273 1.93 7800 3.92 181.0042 112.4036
5th 1.043 1.93 7800 3.92 220.9189 137.1906


340R Std            
Gear Ratio tyre RR rpm diff Kph Mph
1st 2.923 1.93 7800 4.2 73.57412 45.68953
2nd 1.75 1.93 7800 4.2 122.8898 76.31456
3rd 1.308 1.93 7800 4.2 164.4168 102.1028
4th 1.033 1.93 7800 4.2 208.187 129.2841
5th 0.848 1.93 7800 4.2 253.6051 157.4888











Sports shifter.  LOTAC05254

 The sports shifter shortens the throw of the gear change and is adjustable. Can be fitted at the same time as the gearbox overhaul with little impact on fitment time.

£190.00 (£223.25 in VAT).


Owners Comments

Alan Nagle :

"All I can say is WOW!

Just an amazing blur of acceleration right through every gear, it seems you
are changing far to quickly but when you look at the numbers being piled on
the speedo you realise that you're not in fact.

I opened it up almost fully on a fairly quiet stretch of the A11 (dual
carriageway) coming off of a roundabout in second and hit 130 (indicated) in
an instant, no flat spots in the power at all, just smooth extremely
powerful pull all the way there, and it still seemed to be going strong."

Rob Lamb:

"It's the dogs b*ll*ocks and the box is as smooth as a tom cat p*ssing on
velvet. Real aggressive acceleration all the way to 130+!  Well recommended
mod, it's like having the 190 upgrade again."

Peter Crook:

"Couldn't help but sneak out tonight when I got back to try the new
gears/shifter on a couple of miles of road.

First Impressions:

Shifter - nice stubby stainless steel lever and chubby ball. Very positive
shifting with no play, makes the original shifter seem sloppy. Much better.

Gear Ratios - A relentless blur of acceleration right the way through the
box util I bottled out at 130mph (it was dark, and a bumpy dual
carriageway) but the engine was still pulling. You seem like you're only in
each gear for a couple of seconds before the red light comes on - before you
know it you are maxed out. Can't wait to try it on the track. Funnily enough
it felt better around town as well. Magnificent. (mechanical noise - as
quiet as a mouse)"



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