Brian James Sprint Shuttle Trailer Review

by Alan Nagle


Well here’s how the whole thing looks hitched up with the car inside:


Now here’s some close-ups of how I strap the car in, this is done by strapping over the wheels, NOT through them as with most cars. I was told this is the best method as strapping through the wheels can easily pull the geometry out on a 340R.

Here’s a picture of the rear wheel, from the rear:


As you can see, the strap passes over the tyre, to another eyelet in front of the wheel.

Putting the ratchet at the back obviously makes strapping down easier.

Here’s the eyelet in front of the rear wheel with the strap attached:


It’s not as close to the body of the car as it looks!



Here’s a picture of the front wheel strap, again going over the tyre, notice how it is hooked to the wheel chock (that were already in place when I bought the trailer):


Notice how the strap just clears the fin on the front end…lucky but another reason for hooking onto the chock itself.

The strap on the other side of the tyre is then passed through an eyelet, and then the ratchet attached to a further eyelet toward the middle of the trailer:


Because the strap is hooked onto the chock, it has the effect of pulling the car against the chock when the ratchet is done up, keeping it very stable.



One last view, the hatch on the front which to be honest isn’t much use when the car is in there as you cannot reach anything!


I’ve only shown two wheels strapped but of course I strap down using all four. I also leave the gar in first gear and put the handbrake on (the only time I do use it).

You’ll also notice that the car is in the trailer forwards, this actually give a “perfect” nose weight of 75 kilos and just worked out that way, reversing the car in makes the nose weight far too heavy.

I’m 6’4” and 17st but still find it easy enough to clamber around inside the trailer to get the car strapped down.

When it is, it tows like an absolute dream and you wouldn’t know it’s there at all, I haven’t even got an anti-sway bar on the Isuzu Trooper but then this would of course depend entirely upon the vehicle used for towing.

The ramp angle is fine as long as you wind the front end of the trailer right up and are very careful.

As you can see from marks on the ramp, I have been a bit over-eager to get on the track a few times and scraped the spoiler!

The trailer was around £4500 if I remember correctly, and it took me an afternoon to get all the eyelets in the right place etc. etc.

Well worth it if you’re serious about trailering the car.









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